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Books by Elle 

​Because of Summer

Taylor is a cocky Miami bartender with something to prove. Working at The Tide with her best friend Kade, she boosts her ego by seducing all the straight girls that Kade is interested in. After promising him that for the sake of their friendship she'll quit her little game, he meets the girl who he thinks could be the love of his life. But Taylor also feels immediately drawn to her. Diem, a free spirited Bohemian girl, is like no one Taylor's met before. But having sworn to Kade that she wouldn't try anything, she’s going to uphold her promise and be a good friend. But as her attraction to Diem grows deeper, Taylor finds it harder and harder to hide it. 

Diem is spending her summer break in Florida. Crashing at her friend Katie's place, she's positive this summer will prove to be her most exciting yet. It starts off without a hitch when she meets a gorgeous and charismatic man named Kade who sweeps her off her feet. Diem is beyond infatuated with him, but after having just broken up with her long term boyfriend, she wants to take things slow. As Diem struggles with her feelings for Kade, she befriends his best friend. Diem is intrigued by Taylor and wants to get to know her better. Although, Diem can tell that Taylor is attracted to her, Diem just doesn't share her feelings. As the two grow closer, Diem brings out a side of Taylor that she has never let loose before. Diem makes Taylor feel more carefree than ever before, while Diem is sent reeling on a whirlwind path of self discovery. Despite Diem's wavering feelings, Kade never gives up on making her his. Diem must decide between the man who’s perfect for her or the woman she can‘t imagine herself without.

Tied to Her 

Galloway Brothers Book 3

Following in her older brother’s footsteps, Delaney Blake is as wild as they come. Strong willed and stubborn, Delaney wants to do what she wants, with who wants, and when she wants without worrying about the consequences. But despite the fact that her brother has been working hard on getting himself back on the straight and narrow, Delaney is not interested in slowing down – no matter how hard Holden tries to reign her in. 
After the tragic loss of their mother, Holden is more determined than ever to keep Delaney from turning down the same dangerous path he did when he was younger, but she’s not making it easy on him. Soon, things begin to look up when a large corporation wants to offer Holden a position at the company. Holden is thrilled and hopes that this is the beginning of a better life for him and his sister. 
Despite her brother’s change in luck, Delaney has already gotten herself into too much trouble and is suffering the consequences for the bad decisions she’s made. After meeting Jack Galloway, she thinks that maybe he could be the answer to her problems. He’s the most uptight, shy, and awkward man she’s ever encountered, but she can tell that he has the same needs as any other man – and she plans on satisfying them to gain what she needs out of him in order to get herself out of the bind she put herself in. Jack is her last hope of fixing the mistakes she’s made, but what she thought would be quick and easy turns complicated and messy fast and suddenly she’s lost in Jack’s world. 
And she’s not sure if she ever wants to leave. 

Taming Anna

Anna and Quinton Novella Series Book 1

Anna Carter is an independent as they come. She’s too interested in her career to bother with love and likes to keep things simple. She prefers a quick romp in the sheets to romance and goes through men like water. Anna has a reputation around the office that she’s a man eater and she likes it that way. 
But Anna’s met her match when she tries to seduce her coworker, Quinton Adams. Not only is he not interested in her advances, he doesn’t even like her. Anna’s not accustomed to being turned down by men and is determined to break through his icy exterior. And when she finally does, she gets more than what she’s bargained for. 
Quinton has awoken a side of her that she never knew existed and now she’s over her head in a whirlwind office romance with a man who can’t stand her. Overwhelmed by lust she can’t control she tries to fight the urges she has for Quinton – but it’s nearly impossible when every hidden desire is becoming a reality. 

Hands Tied 

Galloway Brothers Book 2

When shy and timid software developer Emma Hunter receives the shocking news that the company she works for is going under and is being taken over by a corporate giant, she is beyond distraught. After her best friend talks her into going out on the town to loosen up, she ends up throwing caution to the wind and has a passionate and intense one night stand with a handsome man she meets at an exclusive Denver night club – but that night sparks a chain of events that turns her life upside down. 

Emma discovers that the man responsible for the takeover is more than she can handle. Graham Galloway is rude, callous, and intolerably arrogant. But the way he looks at her with such wild hunger evokes desire she never knew she was capable of.


One thing that reclusive businessman Penn Wright doesn't do well is relationships. He never has, he never will. Not only has he comes to terms with this realization, but he readily embraces it. Instead, he chooses to explore his darker side with random girls to play his games with, hoping that one day, he will find a submissive that will satisfy the demons he hides inside. One fateful night when Penn decides to hire a call girl for the evening, what shows up at his door is not at all what he expected; a shy, timid girl who looked to be about as broken as they come. Almost as broken as him. Penn's mouth waters at the sight of her, but the monster inside becomes almost too much for him to handle as it demands to be unleashed so it can feast upon the girl that calls herself Quinn. And he doesn't know if he can control it any longer. 
What starts off as a simple one night stand, quickly turns into a dangerous obsession. When Penn looks at Quinn he sees the Submissive he's always wanted, but what Quinn sees is her sadistic captor. Penn is determined to make Quinn his but she's equally resolved to find a way to escape. Will Quinn be able to see Penn for anything but a wicked and cruel beast? And will Penn learn that he must change his ways if he's ever going to capture the heart of the girl he stole?

Tied Up

Galloway Brothers Book 1

Reeling from a painful divorce, Charlie is starting over in a new city. With her confidence in pieces, the last thing she wants is a new man. But when she lands a lucrative contract with successful environmental corporation, Galloway Tech, new client Ian ignites desires that she’s never known before. Rich and powerful and used to getting his own way, Ian is determined to make Charlie his. With her job on the line, Charlie is torn. But a chance meeting gives her the push to embark on a journey of discovery; she will give Ian what he wants, but on her terms. If Ian wants Charlie he’s going to have to relinquish control. But can Charlie really keep this relationship the way she wants it? Who will call the shots as Charlie and Ian discover darker new desires? Will taking control finally set Charlie free?

Chasing Anna

Anna and Quinton Novella Series Book 2

Anna moves away from Seattle to try to get her mind off of Quinton and forget about everything that happened between the two of them. She’s loving her new life in Portland and her new job is going well. She finally feels like everything is right in her life and she’s content- until he comes rushing back into her life. Suddenly, Anna and Quinton are thrown together again and soon she’s in a tumultuous love affair with the man that hurt her the most. But the way Quinton makes Anna feel is like a drug and she wants more. Now she has to decide if she’s going to let him in to her heart again or shut him out forever.